Caveman Highlight – Keith Jardine

When you hear the name Keith Jardine, the first thing that comes to mind is legendary athlete. Known to fans as Keith “the Dean of Mean” Jardine, he is a ruthless fighter, a skilled competitor and a dedicated athlete. Outside of training Keith owns and coaches at his, one of a kind, lifestyle and fitness studio, Hot Yoga Infusion. In 2013 he co-founded Caveman Coffee Co and leads the way in new product innovation.

For over a decade, Keith has trained diligently and sharpened his sword to become one of the most well-known & loved mma fighters in the world. He spends hours in training and continues to try new techniques and learn new skills. What is sure to be a lifetime of dedication to learning combat sports, Keith is an inspiration to many people around the world. It’s a challenge to simply walk around with him in public without getting stopped to take a photo or talk with a fan about training. He stops and satisfies every request. Being near him, one is coached by simply being near him.

While his personal experience competing is very much at the center of Keith’s world he is also an entrepreneur and takes his dedication to learning into the business world. Keith and his fiancé Jodie Esquibel own and operate a wonderful facility called, Hot Yoga Infusion in Albuquerque, NM. They are the first facility to combine the endless benefits of hot yoga with innovative TRX training. With a full schedule of daily classes and 9 experienced coaches on their team, it’s a great place for all levels.

In 2013 Keith teamed up with Tait Fletcher and Lacie Mackey in a little coffee project. That project has turned into Caveman Coffee Co. and Keith is the leader in new product innovation. From working directly with the roaster and co-packers and product suppliers to incorporating new innovations from all over the world, Keith is hands on in research and development. His personal quest for excellence spills over into this company. He tests and researches every product and personally meets with suppliers to make sure their standards match those of CC. When it comes to brewing, he pulls out a scale, thermometer and timer. There is no winging it when it comes to the perfect cup, and Keith is, by far, the most dedicated partner, in this regard. You can even catch him taking barista training on the side and it’s been said that he can pull the perfect shot of espresso. From a performance perspective, Keith practices what he preaches and is a leader in the Caveman Coffee Co nutrition practices for performance.

In addition to 2 full time businesses and a professional fighting career, Keith is on the silver screen. He currently has 25 credits on IMDB including John Wick, Gamer, Crank, Inherent Vice and From Dusk Till Dawn TV series. Keith can do stunts but he has recently been focused on his acting skills and landing character rolls. Approaching this the same way he would anything else, Keith takes acting classes, participates in acting workshops and works with an acting coach as often as he can. With 7 roles in post-production this year his dedication is, again, paying off.

“Keith is not only a great partner but I consider him a friend. I appreciate every moment I get to work with him. He has accumulated wealth of knowledge, passion and information that I continually lean on him for.” – Lacie Mackey ”
— Lacie Mackey
“This guy-where to begin? I love him. I’ll start there. We met as grappling competitors and grew into training partners for one another. I’ve learned as much from him as I have from any coach or teacher.

I was saddened as thy road ended for me, but not long after, KJ and I were re-joined in many, many films. We have even been cast as mimicking life. Shortly filling that, we decided to do what we had always wanted to do-have a business with each other.

Soon, CavemanCoffee was born and Lacie, KJ and myself came together like Voltron! What a beautiful life it’s just letting go and following dreams. He’s as much a teacher tone now, as he ever was.” #SeekDeath || #PirateLife

— Tait Fletcher

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