Why we butter…

Coffee is nothing new. From the man in Ethiopia, generations ago, discovering his goats all hopped on the caffeine, the world has known about coffee. People all around the world are shelling out their hard-earned bucks on fancy lattes and frappes, treating themselves to fine coffee and sometimes un-fine. Where do we go from here? What if you could have the finest coffee, from a single farm, grown by a single family? What if it were to contribute to your fitness, well-being and overall feeling, as you navigate your life?

Caveman strives to provide you with the finest beans available, directly from Colombia.

Here is what is mind-blowing. We want you to mix it with butter. Sure, it's amazing as it is. Brewing a strong cup of Caveman White Gold in a french press to start your morning is seriously life-changing. The flavors and aromas that waft through your kitchen alone will get you going. But we want you at the top of your game. We want you to try your hardest, every day. We want you to do your best! This is why we offer MCT oil, along with the coffee, and encourage the recipes that we do. Adding these healthy fats to your daily routine will make you an unstoppable force, limited by nothing. All you have to do is try. Need more convincing? Check this out:


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