Avoid the craziness and order your holiday goods to be hand roasted/packaged/created and delivered to your door.

We have some new products just for the holidays and some amazing package deals. On top of that we have some bonus gifts that you can give away or simple give to yourself.

  • Black Friday ONLY - Bonus Caveman Campfire Mug will go out with the first 100 orders. This is a popular mug because it looks great and holds a lot of coffee. It's perfect for those cold winter mornings sitting by the fire.
  • Bonus Gift Certificates THIS WEEKEND ONLY - Place an order totally $150 or more and receive a bonus $15 gift certificate that you can give away or give yourself. Spend $200 or more and receive a $20 gift certificate with your order. Don't worry, we won't tell if you give it to yourself!
  • Reserve Roast - Our new, limited release, Special Reserve: Ethiopia. This reserve roast is a super-premium selection of beans, picked in Ethiopia and blended to create a harmonious showcase of naturally processed complexity. Jumping out of the cup, you'll be quick to smell and taste notes of ripe blueberry, succulent cherry and bright citrus, quickly followed by a smooth and satisfying finish. This medium bodied coffee is not one to miss.
  • Package Deals available now through December 31st- To make your shopping easy we have combine some of our best selling products and when you purchase a package, you save!
  • Caveman Gift Tote while supplies last- All orders over $100 will receive a Caveman Gift Tote that make for easy wrapping as well as year round toting. All Reserve Roast kits will also come in a Gift Tote so you can tote your fuel everywhere you go.
  • Stocking Stuffers - Santa himself is packaging our Black Diamond, White Gold and the Reserve Roast in special 4 oz bags that are ground and ready to brew just for the good kids on your list. Also the Original Nutritionals 10 packs fit any stocking and are a great addition to any order.

It’s Cold Brew Season (for us, anyway)!

"Cold Brew, Cold Brew, Baby," doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

That Cold Brew. It's so hot right now (not literally; it's cold. like the name says.)!

Sometimes, you just want to cool off with some refreshing iced coffee. The problem with iced coffee is that it's bitter, or it's weak, or it's just not in a sexy package. We are here to CHANGE THE GAME! Our Caveman Cold Brew is still single estate. Here's the breakdown: Caveman Cold Brew comes in the sexiest 22 oz bottle you've ever seen. Trust us. This receptacle is filled with delicious concentrated cold brew coffee, so all you have to do is add water/ice (or frozen water) to your flavor stylings.

What is cold brew? and why is it different than iced coffee? and why do I feel so good after drinking it? Cold Brew is an extraction method that involves cold water over the period of at least 16 hours. We add the cold water to the coffee, instead of the hot, and let it relax for a day. Typically, iced coffee is brewed hot, then either chilled or poured over ice. Here is the great thing about our process: the coffee develops full flavors, and leaves the acidity behind. This will be the smoothest cup of cold coffee you will enjoy. It will literally make you say, "SORIDICULOUSLYDELICIOUS!"

Now that you need Caveman Cold Brew in your life, here are some things that make this even better. Our cold brew, blended with our 100% coconut-derived MCT oil, creates a creamy, caffeinated concoction that gives you a jump start, sustains your energy and tastes amazing. This is dairy-free but tastes like it has cream! Looking for a great pre-workout beverage? Get you some cold brew. After the workout, blend some cold brew concentrate with some MCT and protein, and you got yourself an amazing protein drank. This stuff covers all the bases.

We're sure we've convinced you. Get some right here. Get them GAINZ!

Why we butter…

Coffee is nothing new. From the man in Ethiopia, generations ago, discovering his goats all hopped on the caffeine, the world has known about coffee. People all around the world are shelling out their hard-earned bucks on fancy lattes and frappes, treating themselves to fine coffee and sometimes un-fine. Where do we go from here? What if you could have the finest coffee, from a single farm, grown by a single family? What if it were to contribute to your fitness, well-being and overall feeling, as you navigate your life?

Caveman strives to provide you with the finest beans available, directly from Colombia.

Here is what is mind-blowing. We want you to mix it with butter. Sure, it's amazing as it is. Brewing a strong cup of Caveman White Gold in a french press to start your morning is seriously life-changing. The flavors and aromas that waft through your kitchen alone will get you going. But we want you at the top of your game. We want you to try your hardest, every day. We want you to do your best! This is why we offer MCT oil, along with the coffee, and encourage the recipes that we do. Adding these healthy fats to your daily routine will make you an unstoppable force, limited by nothing. All you have to do is try. Need more convincing? Check this out:

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