Paleo Valentine with Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea and Vanilla Emulsified MCT Oil


Paleo Valentines Day???

When the Vanilla Emulsified MCT Oil and Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea get together they make sweet, delicious love…ERRR UMMM you will want to make sweet delicious love with this recipe…ERR UMMMMM if you ever wanted to put out the vibe, this is a start!

There are 51 days between Christmas and Valentine’s Day.
That’s plenty of time to re-wrap that Instant Pot for regifting! At least it’s not a Crock Pot, right? #crockpotisinnocent #whataboutjackthough
If you don’t want to sleep on the couch, though, howsabout this: Throw a 12 oz bottle of Emulsified MCT in your order, and we’ll add a can of our Hibiscus Tea for free. It doesn’t get more Valentinesy than red tea. Our EMCT is the perfect complement to the Hibiscus tea. Mix the two together and the result is a delicious and creamy berry soda that is both dairy-free and sugar-free!


– Caveman Coffee Co 100% Coconut MCT oil
– Caveman Coffee Co Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea
– Optional Stevia, Honey, Vanilla
In a blender add 1 table spoon MCT oil with 10-16 oz of Hibiscus cold brew. Blend for 20 seconds.
For a sweet tooth, add stevia, honey or vanilla to taste!
This is perfect for a Paleo or Keto diet. With 125 Calories from Medium Chain Fats your mind and body will be healthy and happy.
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Emulsified MCT Oil –

We took all the goodness of our 100% Coconut derived MCT oil, and blended it for you! Now you can squeeze some of this stuff in your to-go coffee, give it a little stir, and be on your way!

This super convenient MCT has a subtle flavor of vanilla bean, and is sweetened with Monk Fruit. This is a great alternative to high sugar creamers, or inflammatory dairy.

12 oz. bottle. Shake well before use. Store at room temperature; do not refrigerate.

Hibiscus Cold Brew Tea –

  • Paleo
  • Zero calories
  • Refreshing

We’ve been tea-sing this for a while: A mythical, refreshing beverage, capable of quenching the giantest of thirsts, calming the nerviest of nerves, and tasting the deliciousiest of delicious. Guys. IT’S HERE! NITRO TEA! COLD BREWED!

The rumors, the myths, the legends: they were all true.

Our Nitro Cold Brewed Hibiscus Tea is a flavor explosion of berries, floral sweetness, a touch of tart lemon and tropical fruit punch (Punchy would approve!). The slight nudge of carbonation brings out the natural sweetness in the tea, and does a little dance on your tongue–we encourage you to dance, as well. Will this can of goodness transport you to a secluded beach somewhere? Not literally. Will it remind you that you’d really enjoy being on a beach right about now? Hell yes.

Available in 4 packs. 16 oz cans. Caffeine Free.

Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea and Emulsified MCT Oil

Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea and Emulsified MCT Oil

Christmas in January is a thing, right?

At Caveman, we’re all about it. So what if you postponed your coffee gifting by exactly one month? We’re here to help you out. It’s Christmas, after all!

Grab a gifty for your friends, treat yourself to some fine Single Origin coffee or kick it into high gear with some Nitro cans for the office. We’ll even  sweeten the pot:

For every order over $20, we’ll throw in a black or gold wrist band (if you have a color preference, let us know in the comments section of your order).

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How’s that for last minute January Christmas stocking stuffers?

PS. This Christmas gift is also a great Valentines gift, just in case you forgot that obnoxious “holiday” was right around the corner.

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Coffee Pods for Keurig are 100% Compostable

Introducing Keurig compatible Coffee Pods that are 100% Compostable.

There’s a lot of buzz around the interwebs about a new pods challenge. Well, we’re excited to announce a WAY BETTER (not to mention tastier) alternative to eating your laundry soap. Our new coffee pods are now available—both on our website and Amazon.
We crafted this smooth, dark roast specifically for a single cup brewer without sacrificing the quality and flavor that you expect.
Bonus—this little pod of coffee is 100% compostable. That’s right, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience for the environment.

100% Compostable Coffee pods for the Keurig.

K-cups that are 100% Compostable

Each box contains 10 pods for 10 perfect cups of coffee.

Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Fair Trade.

Paleo Approved.

*Compatible with Keurig 2.0 technology.


Composting Tips!

Home Compost Bin

Most home compost bins don’t get hot enough to break down paper items such as our pods. These are often composted in a commercial facility where they get heated up and smashed around.  However if you would like to give it a go in your home bin then we suggest cutting up the pods. Please let them cool after brewing of course. Once they are cool simply cut the paper top and sides freeing those grounds. Mix it all together and remember that the smaller you cut the faster the process will be. General rule is 180 days so set your sundials and fire up the timeless for 6 months from now then let nature do the rest.



– Folks, this is the ONLY single estate, Nitro Cold Brew Coffee available in AMERICA! And because it’s Caveman, you know it’s going to be good. What’s in this magical can?

Delicious Caveman Coffee flavor? Check.

Convenient size? Check.

The active can that can go wherever you do? Check plus.

Smooth finish with zero bitterness? Check infinity.

You just leveled up your coffee game.

Brewed in cold water over 16+ hours, these 8 ounce cans pack an ice-cold, Nitrogen-infused punch of caffeine and flavor.

The only single origin, NITRO Cold Brew coffee in a can.

The only single origin, NITRO Cold Brew coffee in a can.

How to Drink

Grab a can. Shake twice, pop the lid and pour into your finest goblet. Gaze in wonder at the acrobatic performance of the cascading bubbles. Taste the flavor explosion. Reach into your fridge for can number 2, because you can’t help it.

The Cold Brew Gods are saying to keep this refrigerated as soon as it arrives, for the ideal experience.

Why Cold Brew?

Caveman Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is the only Single Origin Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in a can. It is smooth, highly caffeinated and delicious. The Nitrogen is infused in the velvety liquid to give it a fresh out of the keg pour with simply 2 shakes before opening the can. Cold Brew is unlike regular hot coffee because it is brewed without heat or pressure. This means less acid is extracted from the bean. Acid is what that normal bitter taste is in coffee. You are going to get a much smoother taste and less acidic effect when you drink it. No more stomach aches! Yippie!

Cold brewing also maintains a lot of the nutrients that are killed by the heat in normal brewing techniques. You heard us, that means higher doses of caffeine (and other great nutrients found in the green beans). THE GOOD STUFF!

Apologies to our International friends, as Caveman Coffee Nitro Cold Brew is only available in the US, for now.


Wodapalooza Drinks ALL THE COFFEE



Greetings Pirates,

We commend you for drinking so much coffee with us at Wodapalooza 2018. Thanks to you we served over 5,000 cups! You actually drank it all!

This is our 3rd year of fueling the WZA attendees, athletes and

Team NOBULL and Farb refueling at the Caveman Coffee Cave at Wodaplaooza

Team NOBULL and Farb refueling at the Caveman Coffee Cave at Wodapalooza

volunteers as the official coffee sponsor. With extremely long hours each day, fuel was key and we were jamming the entire time. This is honestly our favorite event all year. The vibe from everyone is so positive and we get to hang out with each of you. We really hope you enjoyed our coffee and our community.

As a bonus, please use the code WZA to enjoy 15% off our website!  

If you are a box owner that we met over the weekend, feel free to hit up our Caveman Josh for wholesale info!

Tag us in your photos so we can repost them in our story! @cavemancoffeeco #cavemancoffeeco #piratelife


Our Caveman Coffee Cave was pretty decked out thanks to our partnership with Wodapalooza and the NC Collective team who launched their new programming app for gyms.

FARB and Christmas Abbot after a few Nitro Blends!

FARB and Christmas Abbot after a few Nitro Blends!

We served over 24 kegs of Nitro Cold Brew on tap along with hundreds of compostable K-cups in the volunteer tent and hot brew in amounts we have never brewed before. We event had to do a special bathtub cold brew on the last night to cover orders for Sunday. Don’t worry though, we didn’t actually brew it in a bathtub…(WE HAVE STANDARDS  YOU KNOW!).

See you next year!

-Team Caveman (Joshua, Tait, Lacie, Farb and Moses)

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