Caveman Coffee Co beans and coffee products are made with sustainable practices recognized by international certification organizations such as UTZ and RFA. in order to preserve the environment and the nutrition of our products we work with farms, growers and roasters that hold these standards and certifications to ensure the entire process is sustainable. Our coffee beans are grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides or unnatural fertilizers. Our coffee is Rain Forest Alliance Certified and follows the Rain Forest Alliance rules and regulations for sustainability.

For more information about the Rainforest Alliance Certification go to the RFA website and learn about the green frog seal!


This is an image taken from one of our partner farms in Colombia. This farm uses no pesticides and traditional farming that preserves the land. In order to have the seal from the Rain Forest Alliance, they have to maintain the land as it would most naturally be. This preserves the precious ecosystem that is a part of our greater world.

Monthly Coffee Subscriptions – Black Sails Yacht Club members get 2 free samples in November!

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November Subscription with a Double Bonus



Paleo Angel POWER BALLS!

Power Balls are a delicious Paleo & Autoimmune Protocol compliant SUPER FOOD designed to fuel and nourish the body.

The Balls are made of the highest-quality ingredients but are low on the glycemic index.
Best of all, each Ball packs in organic ingredients, grass-fed collagen protein and amazing flavor, see for yourself!  These are the perfect grab-and-go snack, breakfast, or workout fuel.

No: gluten, grains, dairy, nuts, eggs, or nonsense!


What goes great with Power Balls? That’s right. We are hooking you up with our brand new one of a kind Nitro Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea.


front-and-backThe New Hibiscus Cold Brew Tea infused with nitrogen has been described as:

“Refreshing flower flavor explosion in your mouth.”

“Like having a guilt free treat.”

“Calm in a can.”

“You brought the heat on this Nitro Tea.”

This product is made with tea, water and natural flavor. Zero sugar and caffeine free. Shake it twice, pour and enjoy the nitro magic. Blend it with MCT for a creamy treat. Best served cold but it is also shelf stable so do what you want!

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When you sign up for a monthly subscription with Caveman Coffee Co, you hand select your favorite products to automatically ship to your door, each month for a discounted rate. Each month the Caveman Coffee Co team will also add a little something special to your box. Everything from cool Caveman gear to products from another company that fits into the Caveman lifestyle. You will never run out of your favorite coffee again and you can switch up your order at anytime to try something new. 

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Black Sails Yacht Club-October

Let’s be honest, folks. To-go bacon is totally a thing. The days of public shaming for carrying a strip of bacon for the road are over. Unfortunately, the issue of greasy fingers that go hand-in-hand with road bacon are still relevant. UNTIL NOW!

Roam Sticks


Roam Sticks were created to combat the idea that overly-processed foods made from inhumanely treated animals are the status quo. The Arbuckles (John and Holly) believe that food should be made from sustainable, healthy sources. Their pigs are pasture raised and never given GMO feed. Everything is processed with quality, all natural ingredients. The quality is evident in the taste.



This month, all new and current BSYC members will receive a porky treat with their coffee. Great for an on the go snack, these Roam Sticks are sure to bring out your inner carnivore as you carve out a workout or need a quick bit of protein in the middle of the work day. We’re proud to partner with Roam Sticks because they share our beliefs that sustainable and humane farming should be at the heart of producing food–it should be quality over quantity. Learn more about our coffee delivery here.

For more info on Roam Sticks, check them out here! Additionally, they just launched a kickstarter project. Head on over and support the pork!

Black Sails Yacht Club – September


We just couldn’t decide which item we wanted to include in this month’s Black Sales Yacht Club shipment, so we asked ourselves,

“Porque no los dos?!”

Here’s the lineup:



This stuff is clean. Basically, you’re getting the most wholesome ingredients, only what you need, compressed down into a single serving packet. Whether you need some nutrient dense sweet potato carbohydrate action to help you recover from doing 40 rounds of Cindy, or you just forgot to stock up on veggies…except that you didn’t, because there’s 14 servings of them per packet.

Every BSYC member will receive one packet of each. The Greens packet includes 14 servings of 22 different organic fruits and vegetables, along with digestive enzymes and MCT oil to help you process all this health! The Recover packet is a whole sweet potato, all scienced up into a single serving along with various phytonutrients, fiber and vitamins.

Here’s the scoop on these guys:

“Our products NEVER include anything that won’t make you better. No chemicals, no artificial colorings or flavorings — no worries.  

RECOVER doesn’t ruin your metabolism or make you fat like other carbohydrate powders.

RECOVER does contain whole food fiber and prebiotics that promote gut health.

GREENS is the ultimate inflammation killer.

GREENS is what a multivitamin should be.” -courtesy of



Chocolate and Coffee. Tale as old as time.

That’s right. We’re not done. All BSYC members will also receive a Dark Chocolate Almond Bar from Primal Kitchen.

From the folks that brought you Mark’s Daily Apple, Avocado Mayonnaise and Avocado Oil, Primal Kitchen is killing it in the paleo food game. These chocolate bars are dark chocolate, Turkish almonds, pumpkin seeds and collagen from grass-fed cows (Here’s some info on that last bit.)


It’s recipe time.

Do you love the flavor of coffee so much, but you’re tired of drinking it? Are you obsessed with eating foods that taste like drinks?

BEHOLD! Coffee Jelly!

No, you don’t have to be a kid or a frat boy to enjoy this. This is a cool and refreshing treat that screams summer.

Here be what you need:

•3 cups o coffee (double strength Sabertooth is what I’m rocking)

•1 packet of gelatin (I used Knox. Great Lakes works, too!)

•3 tbsp. Pumpkin Pure (or sweetener of your choice, if you get down like that) What is Pumpkin Pure, you ask? Check it.

•Supplies: whisk, mixing bowl, 9×13 baking dish

•Game Face

Let’s dive in.

1Brew your coffee double strength

2While still warm, transfer coffee into mixing bowl

3Sprinkle in your sweetener and gelatin

4Whisk until gelatin and sweetener are completely dissolved

5Transfer to the baking dish

6Skim off the bubbles

7Cover and cool to room temperature

8Chill in refrigerator for 4-6 hours


That is all.

What you do in that four hours is entirely up to you, but theoretically, you could do one of the following:

•2400 burpees

•Watch the cinematic masterpiece, Titanic, with a 45 minute Q&A session afterward.

•Drive 2 hours in any direction, take a photo, then drive back (that was a lazy suggestion…but if anyone does this and takes an interesting photo with one of our products, we’ll send you a congratulatory, virtual high five/fist bump.)

•Take 12, 20 minute power naps, back to back

•Listen to a couple episodes of Pirate Life Radio

•Spend four hours considering the benefits of gelatin, such as being great for nail and hair growth, or aiding in joint recovery

Once the jelly is set, cut into one inch cubes and serve. For those that are of the creamy persuasion with their coffee, a mixture of coconut cream and some Pumpkin Pure makes for a tasty situation. A dollop of grass-fed whipped cream rocks as well! Of course, for some of us, the love of jello runs deep and it just doesn’t taste the same unless it’s unadorned and served in one of those clear, swirly cup thingies.

It’s basically like a caffeinated version of childhood.

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