You’re adding WHAT to your coffee?


Now Brewing Cayenne Coffee!

The purists will say don’t add a thing to that cup. We believe that our coffee should stand on its own with no added ingredients and it does. But who would add Cayenne???


That said, we won’t judge you for adding nutrition to your brew. We have always promoted blending fats for nutrient density and hormone control. So how can you use what you have in your kitchen to increase the power of your morning pick me up?


Our favorite secret ingredient combination comes from the crew at the Caveman Coffee Cave  in Santa Fe, NM. They are adding fats, cinnamon and cayenne pepper to a drink they call the Lencho. Sounds crazy but it’s  crazy good!  It tastes exactly like a dark chocolate bar with some spice at the end smooth and rich with a little kick.

What you need:

10 oz Americano or Brewed Coffee  –  1 Tablespoon unsalted butter  -1 Tablespoon MCT or coconut oil -1 Teaspoon Cacao Butter– 1 Dash Cinnamon – 1 Dash Cayenne Pepper 

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend for 20 seconds.

So why these ingredients?

First, 3  of these  are fats. We just can’t get enough fat. Fat fuels your body. Fat powers your brain. Fat controls hunger cravings. Fat powers your muscles.

Do we need to say more? Benefits of MCT oil range from increased energy, better digestive function, and even bacteria and infection prevention. Cacao is an antioxidant-rich superfood. It’s also a stimulant so adding it to a caffeinated beverage will keep you alert, long past a regular cup of joe. Best of all, adding fats to your cup helps control the insulin spike that occurs when drinking black coffee. Essentially, you’re mitigating the caffeine crash and maintaining your energy in a sustainable way.


The next two ingredients bring the HEAT, flavor, and a variety of other benefits.

Cinnamon is delicious, comforting, has a ton of health benefits. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and has been used to help fight infections for hundreds of years.  It has recently been discovered to help improve sensitivity to the insulin hormone. It also lowers blood sugar by interacting with  enzymes that slow the breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive tract. Cinnamon has also been found to have anti-cancer and anti-viral qualities. Learn more

Cayenne pepper has been used as a medicine for over 9,000 years. It stimulates circulation, aids in digestion and neutralizes acid. It’s even used to lower cholesterol, stop headaches and target blood clotting. It contains vitamin A, C, B6, K and E. A little goes a long way and its anti-inflammatory qualities can be helpful towards a number of autoimmune diseases caused by inflammation. Read more here 

While a delicious cup of single estate coffee can stand on its own, the above mentioned benefits will transform that cup into tasty, super hero fuel! Take on your day powered by THE LENCHO! Order Coffee Here

How should you grind?

There are so many exciting and delicious ways to brew coffee. Grind is very important for extractability and texture so here is a great little infographic we found from Moon Doggies Cafe.  As you can see you need a finer grind for drip and espresso making it easier for pressure and hot water to mix with the coffee grounds and draw out the good stuff. A coarser grind is required for french press, siphon and cold brew (not shown here) so you don’t have a ton of muddy water at the end.



Cold Brew at Home with White Gold Roast

Want to make your own overnight cold brew at home? It only takes 2 steps and it’s ready to jump start your day in 12-16 hours. Our White Gold roast is perfect for a cold extraction and delivers a refreshing liquid with a sweet tasting finish. The citrus flavor from this light roast is undeniable when it’s cold brewed. We can’t wait for you to try it.

Cold Brew Dreams

Cold brewing your coffee is a great way to decrease the acid in your cup because the process does not extract acid the same way that hot brewing does. Eliminating acid leads to a smoother and less bitter taste. It also preserves more caffeine and nutrients that are killed with heat. That’s why you feel that extra BUZZ with cold brew!

You will need:

1 Cup Coarsely Ground White Gold Coffee Beans

24-32 oz Frech Press

14 oz filtered water (or enough to fill within 1.5 inch of the top of your french press.)

Step 1 –Place coffee grounds in fresh press.

Step 2 – Add Water and cover then place in the refrigerator for 12-16 hours.

Press and serve!

To prevent over extraction empty the liquid into a pitcher or mason jar without the grounds.  Dump the grounds in your garden or plants to add nutrients in your soil.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 11.41.53 AMWhite Gold Roast

The unique flavor, color, and quality of this bean are achieved through a one of a kind roasting process, never used before. The result is a coffee that’s almost white. It’s light, creamy, nutty and perfect for mixing with your favorite fats (butter/coconut cream/ MCT).

White Gold also has the added benefit of chlorogenic acid, characteristic of green coffee, which includes anti-inflammatory properties as well as promoting fat loss by regulating the glucose levels in your system.

The overall process, from growing to roasting, ensures the highest level of quality and sustainability, earning this coffee the UTZ and Rainforest Certification. The roasters are also part of the highly-selective Specialty Coffee Association.

Paleo Mocha Coffee Recipe

Cacao Butter

Make a Mocha coffee that is both Paleo and Keto friendly!

Blended Caveman Coffee Co Coffee with Cacao Butter,  MCT and Grass Fed Butter


– 1 Tablespoon Caveman Coffee Co 100% Coconut MCT Oil

– 1 Teaspoon Caveman Coffee Co Organic Cacao Butter

– 10-16 oz of hot Caveman Coffee Co Coffee

– 1 Tablespoon Butter from Grass Fed Animals (cows, goats, buffalo)

– Stevia, Honey, Cinnamon, Vanilla to taste

In a blender add all the ingredients. Be sure not to fill coffee to top of blender to give the hot liquid room to expand. Blend on low for 20 seconds. Add stevia, honey, cinnamon or vanilla to taste.

Why add MCT oil? MCT is a medium chain fat that tastes delicious, thick and creamy wPaleo Mochahen it is blended. It is the perfect replacement for cream without the inflammatory side effects of dairy. Caveman Coffee Co MCT Oil is from Coconut and is a great source of energy for your brain. It crosses the blood brain barrier delivering quick and lasting brain power to energize your day. Many people report feeling lasting energy for up to 8 hours. Because it is a fat it is satisfying and curbs hunger. It is also an antimicrobial, an anti-inflammatory and a digestive aid.

Is Cacao Butter really butter?

NOPE! It looks white and creamy just like butter. It is actually tCacao Butter in Podhe inside of the Cocao pod that looks like a giant seed. The “butter” aka Theobroma Oil, is the essence of chocolate. It has the delicious aroma we know as the chocolate smell, minus the sweet smell of sugar that is added to make what we call chocolate. Cacao butter is a vegetable fat that is also an antioxidant or superfood. Cacao also contains trace amounts of caffeine so bonus! Adding just a little bit of this to your drink will make it creamy and flavorful. Enjoy!

Paleo Valentine with Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea and Vanilla Emulsified MCT Oil


Paleo Valentines Day???

When the Vanilla Emulsified MCT Oil and Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea get together they make sweet, delicious love…ERRR UMMM you will want to make sweet delicious love with this recipe…ERR UMMMMM if you ever wanted to put out the vibe, this is a start!

There are 51 days between Christmas and Valentine’s Day.
That’s plenty of time to re-wrap that Instant Pot for regifting! At least it’s not a Crock Pot, right? #crockpotisinnocent #whataboutjackthough
If you don’t want to sleep on the couch, though, howsabout this: Throw a 12 oz bottle of Emulsified MCT in your order, and we’ll add a can of our Hibiscus Tea for free. It doesn’t get more Valentinesy than red tea. Our EMCT is the perfect complement to the Hibiscus tea. Mix the two together and the result is a delicious and creamy berry soda that is both dairy-free and sugar-free!


– Caveman Coffee Co 100% Coconut MCT oil
– Caveman Coffee Co Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea
– Optional Stevia, Honey, Vanilla
In a blender add 1 table spoon MCT oil with 10-16 oz of Hibiscus cold brew. Blend for 20 seconds.
For a sweet tooth, add stevia, honey or vanilla to taste!
This is perfect for a Paleo or Keto diet. With 125 Calories from Medium Chain Fats your mind and body will be healthy and happy.
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Emulsified MCT Oil –

We took all the goodness of our 100% Coconut derived MCT oil, and blended it for you! Now you can squeeze some of this stuff in your to-go coffee, give it a little stir, and be on your way!

This super convenient MCT has a subtle flavor of vanilla bean, and is sweetened with Monk Fruit. This is a great alternative to high sugar creamers, or inflammatory dairy.

12 oz. bottle. Shake well before use. Store at room temperature; do not refrigerate.

Hibiscus Cold Brew Tea –

  • Paleo
  • Zero calories
  • Refreshing

We’ve been tea-sing this for a while: A mythical, refreshing beverage, capable of quenching the giantest of thirsts, calming the nerviest of nerves, and tasting the deliciousiest of delicious. Guys. IT’S HERE! NITRO TEA! COLD BREWED!

The rumors, the myths, the legends: they were all true.

Our Nitro Cold Brewed Hibiscus Tea is a flavor explosion of berries, floral sweetness, a touch of tart lemon and tropical fruit punch (Punchy would approve!). The slight nudge of carbonation brings out the natural sweetness in the tea, and does a little dance on your tongue–we encourage you to dance, as well. Will this can of goodness transport you to a secluded beach somewhere? Not literally. Will it remind you that you’d really enjoy being on a beach right about now? Hell yes.

Available in 4 packs. 16 oz cans. Caffeine Free.

Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea and Emulsified MCT Oil

Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea and Emulsified MCT Oil

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