Black Sails Yacht Club-October

Let’s be honest, folks. To-go bacon is totally a thing. The days of public shaming for carrying a strip of bacon for the road are over. Unfortunately, the issue of greasy fingers that go hand-in-hand with road bacon are still relevant. UNTIL NOW!

Roam Sticks


Roam Sticks were created to combat the idea that overly-processed foods made from inhumanely treated animals are the status quo. The Arbuckles (John and Holly) believe that food should be made from sustainable, healthy sources. Their pigs are pasture raised and never given GMO feed. Everything is processed with quality, all natural ingredients. The quality is evident in the taste.



This month, all new and current BSYC members will receive a porky treat with their coffee. Great for an on the go snack, these Roam Sticks are sure to bring out your inner carnivore as you carve out a workout or need a quick bit of protein in the middle of the work day. We’re proud to partner with Roam Sticks because they share our beliefs that sustainable and humane farming should be at the heart of producing food–it should be quality over quantity. Learn more about our coffee delivery here.

For more info on Roam Sticks, check them out here! Additionally, they just launched a kickstarter project. Head on over and support the pork!


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