It’s recipe time.

Do you love the flavor of coffee so much, but you’re tired of drinking it? Are you obsessed with eating foods that taste like drinks?

BEHOLD! Coffee Jelly!

No, you don’t have to be a kid or a frat boy to enjoy this. This is a cool and refreshing treat that screams summer.

Here be what you need:

•3 cups o coffee (double strength Sabertooth is what I’m rocking)

•1 packet of gelatin (I used Knox. Great Lakes works, too!)

•3 tbsp. Pumpkin Pure (or sweetener of your choice, if you get down like that) What is Pumpkin Pure, you ask? Check it.

•Supplies: whisk, mixing bowl, 9×13 baking dish

•Game Face

Let’s dive in.

1Brew your coffee double strength

2While still warm, transfer coffee into mixing bowl

3Sprinkle in your sweetener and gelatin

4Whisk until gelatin and sweetener are completely dissolved

5Transfer to the baking dish

6Skim off the bubbles

7Cover and cool to room temperature

8Chill in refrigerator for 4-6 hours


That is all.

What you do in that four hours is entirely up to you, but theoretically, you could do one of the following:

•2400 burpees

•Watch the cinematic masterpiece, Titanic, with a 45 minute Q&A session afterward.

•Drive 2 hours in any direction, take a photo, then drive back (that was a lazy suggestion…but if anyone does this and takes an interesting photo with one of our products, we’ll send you a congratulatory, virtual high five/fist bump.)

•Take 12, 20 minute power naps, back to back

•Listen to a couple episodes of Pirate Life Radio

•Spend four hours considering the benefits of gelatin, such as being great for nail and hair growth, or aiding in joint recovery

Once the jelly is set, cut into one inch cubes and serve. For those that are of the creamy persuasion with their coffee, a mixture of coconut cream and some Pumpkin Pure makes for a tasty situation. A dollop of grass-fed whipped cream rocks as well! Of course, for some of us, the love of jello runs deep and it just doesn’t taste the same unless it’s unadorned and served in one of those clear, swirly cup thingies.

It’s basically like a caffeinated version of childhood.


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